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Wooden Beads with Large Holes

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Wooden Beads with Large Holes

Enhance your designs with a perfect beads detail. Can be used for a number of craft projects: macrame, knitting, crochet, kids craft, adult craft.

Beads come in the following sizes and packages:

30 pieces - 12mm diameter, 5mm whole
30 pieces - 15mm diameter, 6mm hole
30 pieces - 18mm diameter, 8mm hole
30 pieces - 20mm diameter, 10mm hole
20 pieces - 22mm diameter, 9mm hole
10 pieces - 25mm diameter, 9mm hole
pieces - 30mm diameter, 10mm hole
pieces - 30mm diameter, 12mm hole


Material - unfinished wood. Note that beads may present some uneven color and imperfections due to it being unfinished wood.