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5mm Cotton Packs

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Primary color

Try these SAMPLE packs - no need to commit to the full spool right away.

25 meters will allow you to make many smaller projects and see how the colors play together.

Perfect for simple plant hangers, coasters, keychains, rainbows, angels and dolls, leaves, wristlets.

Material: 5mm single strand twisted macrame cotton cord. Each ball is 25 meters.

Option 1 | purple, oat, arctic grey, black, wine, khaki

Option 2  | tiffany, apple gree, metallic twist (10 meters), benetton green, parisian blue, yellow

Option 3 | apple green, baby pink, yellow, blue ice, tiffany, oat

Option 4 | arctic grey, black, purple, ice blue, tiffany, oat

Option 5 |  watermelon red, benetton green, yellow, baby pink, apple green, parisian blue.