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Macrame Spaghetti

3mm 3-Ply Twisted Cotton Rope - MEGA Spool 500 meters

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3-ply twisted cord means that the string is composed of 3 strings, that are twisted into 1 rope. 

Composition: Recycled Cotton

Length: 500 meters 

Diameter: 3mm

This cotton rope will give structure to your pieces. It is very strong, yet flexible and soft on your fingers. An ideal choice for macrame bags, rainbows, keychains, wall hangings and plant hangers. It unravels unto a beautiful wavy fringe.

Our Macrame Cotton string is manufactured with an eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing process, using cotton fabrics that have been discarded from the garment industry. We achieve the color by choosing similar color garments, break them down to fibers and spin to create the cotton thread. This rope has not been bleached or dyed. 

Our cords meet European standards: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard.

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Leonora Arnolfo

3mm 3-Ply Twisted Cotton Rope - MEGA Spool